Expected Outcomes of CreativeGym

Teams will have:

1.  A greater awareness of the goal.

2.  Be energised creatively through imagination, curiousity and exploration

3.  Improve whole brain thinking, creative problem solving

4.  Improve how individuals communicate and relate within a team structure

5.  Improves self esteem, self expression, self reliance, diminishing the inner critic and negativity

6. Workplace Wellness

7.  Strategy communication

8.  Visualisation of present and future

9.  Cross-functional co-operation

10.  Team dynamics

11.  Time management

12.  Engaging and fun team building event

13.  Extremly therapeutic

14.  Will have Team Mural to re-enforce the fun, enjoyment and specific goal

15. Team Mural to hang in company premises which is a powerful visual tool. It has a wonderful story which combined with the image can be reproduced for marketing, branding and promotional purposes with both staff and clients.